Pregnant and Looking into Adoption Agency Reviews

When you’re pregnant and looking into adoption, one of the first and most important things you’ll do in the adoption process is choose an adoption professional. Here are a few things to know:

  • Your choice of agency can make or break your adoption experience.
  • There are some things to watch out for when you’re researching adoption agencies.
  • Agency reviews will help you get a sense of what an agency is like.

Reviews of adoption professionals can shed some light on others’ experiences with a professional and offer insight into some pros and cons of different agencies. This guide will explain five of the most important things to keep an eye out for when you’re researching adoption agency reviews.

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5 Things to Look Out For When Reading Adoption Agency Reviews

Adoption agency reviews can be a great resource when you’re pregnant and looking into adoption, but there are some reasons why you shouldn’t solely rely on them. Adoption comes with many emotions from both prospective birth mothers and hopeful adoptive families. This means reviews are always subjective, so you’ll find reviews that are both positive and negative.

Still, there are five factors to keep in mind when you’re looking for a trusted adoption agency:

1. Don’t Rely on Negative Reviews

When you find reviews on the internet, it can be easy to find an abundance of negative reviews. Some people use the internet as a way to express their anger and frustration when something doesn’t go as planned. Leaving a mean review on a company’s website is even more common than you think. Although you would think that people would be more inclined to leave a positive review to encourage others to try out a service, this usually isn’t the case. 

Most people don’t leave a review unless they’ve had a bad experience. So, when you’re pregnant and looking into adoption, it’s much easier to find a negative review than a positive one. Be sure to look at all the reviews before deciding on working with an adoption agency.

If an adoption agency has more negative reviews than positive, then that’s usually a red flag. On the other hand, if an adoption agency completes hundreds of adoptions a year and receives only a handful of negative reviews, it’s possible that those reviews don’t represent most clients’ experiences.

2. Agency Reviews Are Subjective

Adoption is an extremely personal and emotional journey for everyone involved. Something that might have worked for one family might not work for you. It’s important to remember that every person who chooses adoption is on their own journey. When it comes to adoption agency reviews, they are always subjective.

For example, some adoption agencies will do everything they can to avoid an adoption disruption, but there are times when a disruption is unavoidable. In this situation, some may choose to leave a negative review not because of anything the adoption professional did, but because the family is frustrated and upset with experiencing a loss.

When you’re pregnant and looking into adoption agency reviews, keep in mind the complex emotions that everyone feels throughout the process.

3. Make Sure the Agency is Licensed and Regulated

When you’re combing through agency reviews, find out which agencies are licensed and periodically reviewed by the government. When an adoption agency is licensed, it means that the adoption professional can serve clients in whichever state they’re licensed in. If you’re pregnant and looking into adoption at a local agency, then they can help you in the state you’re located in.

National adoption agencies work with people across all 50 states, which means they facilitate adoptions nationwide. They’re reviewed multiple times each year on a federal level. When you’re pregnant and looking into adoption agency reviews, keep an eye out for reviews that mention how the agency is licensed and regulated.

4. Some People Will Leave a Negative Review No Matter What

Regardless of how hard an adoption agency tries, some of its clients might walk away feeling unsatisfied with their experience. A hopeful adoptive family might be upset because it’s taken longer than average to find an adoption opportunity. A prospective birth mother might experience unwarranted anger toward their adoption professional during a period of grief and loss.

In many cases, these circumstances will be true no matter which agency you choose.  That’s why it’s important to do plenty of research when you’re pregnant and looking into adoption agencies. The best way to look at adoption reviews through an honest perspective is to educate yourself on how the adoption process works.

5. Not All Reviews Are Genuine

Just about anyone can leave a review on the internet, and, in fact, some people are actually paid to leave positive and negative reviews for an organization. Even if it’s just one bad review, it lowers the overall ranking of the organization. This can leave potential clients with a bad impression of the agency.

Something to keep in mind when you’re pregnant and looking into adoption agencies is to be cautious of reviews that talk about how “terrible” an agency is without providing any context. Typically, the best adoption agency reviews fall somewhere in the middle of a positive and negative review, detailing the pros and cons of how an agency performs.

Tips When Choosing an Adoption Professional

When you’re pregnant and looking into adoption agency reviews, remember that they are just a small piece of the puzzle when choosing an adoption professional. Some helpful tips for choosing an adoption agency include:

  • Interviewing every adoption professional you’re considering and ask as many questions as you can about their processes, services and more.
  • Reviewing the adoption agency’s website and making sure they are clear about the services they offer. Considering all the factors that you’re looking for in an adoption professional.

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