How Can I Find Someone to Adopt My Baby?

Finding the right adoptive family for your baby is one of the best ways to provide your child with a life of love and opportunity. It’s a critical step in the adoption process, as you get to choose the family you believe will be best for your child.

Whether you already have an idea of the type of family you’re looking for or want to find out what your options are, we’re here to explain five tips on how to find someone to adopt my baby. We’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

5 Tips on How to Find Someone to Adopt My Baby

1. Work with a Reputable Adoption Agency

Working with the right adoption professional can determine how your experience will go as you’re looking to find someone to adopt my baby. Knowing what separates a good agency from a great one will put you on the right track toward having the best adoption experience. In general, there are two types of adoption agencies you can choose from:

  • National adoption agencies: These agencies are equipped to help you complete your adoption process from start to finish. They’ll have everything you need, from social work support to free, 24/7 counseling, ensuring you’re always taken care of. National adoption agencies are also one of the safest agencies to work with because they’re licensed in multiple states, creating an added layer of protection.
  • Local adoption agencies: Local adoption agencies offer adoption services in a specific state or region. Although they can seem convenient because of their proximity, they might not be able provide as many services as a national adoption agency. These agencies don’t have as many resources as national adoption agencies and can’t always offer 24/7 support.

National adoption agencies tend to be more popular among prospective birth parents and hopeful families alike because of their size and scope. A larger, reputable agency will have a broader range of families to choose from when you’re looking for someone who wants to adopt my baby. Check out some reputable national adoption agencies below:

2. Think About the Type of Family You’re Looking for

As you think about how to find someone to adopt my baby, try to envision what kind of family you want your baby to grow up in. For example, maybe you’ve pictured your baby growing up around music or taking lots of family road trips. Your adoption professional will work with you to create an adoption plan where you can explain what you’re looking for in an adoptive family.

They’ll send you profiles based on your preferences and help you find you a family that matches your needs. Also, some national adoption agencies offer adoptive family video profiles to give you a true look into a family’s life. Through video profiles, you can find a family that perfectly fits your needs.

3. Have an Idea of the Type of Adoption Relationship You Want

Adoption doesn’t have to mean goodbye. It can instead be the start of a beautiful relationship. So, when you’re trying to find someone to adopt my baby and want to maintain a relationship, you can do so by choosing open adoption.

Open adoption means you’ll be able to communicate with the adoptive family before, during and after the adoption is complete. This lets you build a lifelong relationship with the family you choose, letting you stay connected with your child at whatever level you’re comfortable with.

Through milestones, special events and holidays, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage with your child and the adoptive family you choose. If you ultimately decide you don’t want as much communication, then that’s OK, too. You’ll be able to determine which type of adoption relationship you want when building your adoption plan.

4. Think about Where You Want Your Baby to Grow up

Do you see your child living in a specific state? Maybe you’ve always imagined your baby to live in a large house in the suburbs. As you’re trying to find someone who wants to adopt my baby, you’ll be able to choose an adoptive family based on where they’re located. Your adoption professional will filter through families based on where you prefer your baby to live.

Your adoption professional will ensure you have everything you need to pick the family of your dreams, including where they’re located. You can also specify where you don’t want your baby to grow up. You’re in control of your entire adoption experience.

5. Be Specific about What You’re Looking for

One thing to remember about the adoption process is that you control every aspect. As the prospective birth parent, you’ll get to make all the decisions. So, when you’re working with your adoption professional, be as specific as you can about what you’re looking for in an adoptive family. They’ll send you family profiles that match what you’re looking for as you try to find someone to adopt my baby.

When you choose adoption, finding the best family for your baby is a top priority. You’re providing your child with a loving family in a lifestyle you choose. Through adoption, you’re making the selfless, brave decision to put your baby’s needs first.

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