Does it Cost Money to Put a Child up for Adoption? [5 Questions you Might Have]

If you’re considering placing your baby for adoption, it’s likely because there is a reason that you feel you are not able to give your baby the life they deserve. If one of these reasons is financial, you are not alone. Raising a child is a big financial responsibility and if you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, this might not be a responsibility you’re ready for. This might lead to you wondering, “Does it cost money to put a child up for adoption?”

No. As an expectant mother, putting a baby up for adoption will cost you nothing. We understand that you have a lot to think about during this time without adding financial stress to your plate. To get more information about the cost of adoption, contact an adoption professional today to get the support you deserve.

Does Putting a Child Up For Adoption Cost Money?

“Does giving a baby up for adoption cost money? How much is putting a baby up for adoption?”

These are all questions we hear a lot from women facing unexpected pregnancies. It cannot be stressed enough that putting a baby up for adoption will never cost you a dime as an expectant mother. 

During such an uncertain time, we want adoption to be as accessible to you as possible so that you can give your baby the best life possible. Below you can find answers to other common questions about the costs of placing a baby for adoption.

1. Is Giving a Baby Up For Adoption Free?

Yes! Adoption comes at no expense for expectant mothers. You deserve to be able to focus on finding the perfect family for your baby without having to worry about whether or not you can afford it. In fact, you may even be able to receive financial assistance through your adoption professional.

Casey, a birth mom, knew that adoption was the best way to give her children the financial stability she hoped for them.

“I just came to the point where I didn’t want their life to consist of their mom working really hard at two jobs just to get by, and then I’m barely home,” Casey said. “Some people are a product of their environment… I didn’t want the streets to raise them because I’m so busy trying to provide for them, and I wanted them to have a father figure.”

2. Is Looking for Family to Adopt My Baby Free?

Yes. If you’re wondering how to find adoptive parents for free, this is another service that is completely free to you. Your adoption agency will never charge you for browsing adoptive family profiles or for being matched with a family. Finding the family that you feel will give your baby an amazing life should never come at a financial detriment to you.

Your adoption professional will talk to you about what kind of family you would like to adopt your child. From here they will find adoptive family profiles that match your preferences. Once they’ve compiled these profiles, they’ll present them to you for you to look through until you find the perfect match.

You can also look at adoptive family profiles online and reach out to an adoption specialist when you see a family you’re interested in.

3. Is Putting a Baby Up For Adoption Free If You Use an Adoption Agency?

Yes. Your adoption agency will never charge you to place your baby for adoption. In fact, if you use an adoption agency, you will have access to financial assistance. 

You will have unlimited free access to adoptive family profiles and counseling. Your adoption agency and the adoptive family will also cover your medical expenses and pregnancy-related costs, such as:

  • Rent or mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Transportation to doctor appointments
  • Maternity clothing
  • And more

Janelle, a birth mother, was struggling financially when she chose adoption and was able to get help covering those expenses.

“Four months rolled around, and my husband and I were like, ‘Alright, this is real,’” Janelle said. “We were having trouble paying our bills and our rent and affording food, and that was when we made the decision to look into adoption. It was super tough at first, but I knew it was what needed to happen, that we weren’t in the right place and it wasn’t the right environment to bring two babies into,” she said.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to financially support a child that you weren’t prepared to have, adoption could be the best choice you make for you and your baby. You get the financial support you deserve throughout your pregnancy and adoption process and your baby gets a life of financial stability.

4. Does Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Cost Money After the Adoption is Finalized?

No. No matter where you’re at during or after the adoption process, it was always be 100% free to you. Once the adoption is complete and the baby has been placed with the adoptive parents, you will still not have any financial responsibility for the child. The adoptive parents will be financially responsible for the child now.

Even after you have reached the end of the adoption process, you will still be eligible for free birth parent resources such as:

5. Is It Free To Give A Baby Up For Adoption for the Adoptive Parents?

No. While adoption is free for you as the birth parent, the adoptive parents will cover your medical costs and pregnancy expenses in addition to agency and fees. Adoption is free for you because of this financial arrangement.

You will never have to worry about a family adopting your child for financial gain. Adoption is not a cheap process for hopeful adoptive parents, especially when working with full-service agencies, because these agencies provide so many helpful and necessary resources and services to adoptive families. The families who apply to be adoptive families are willing to cover these expenses because they want to give a child a loving and supportive home.

An unexpected pregnancy is a lot to take in. You shouldn’t have to wear yourself out financially just to give your child the amazing life you know they deserve. To get more information about how you can get access to financial assistance when you begin your adoption journey, reach out to an adoption professional today.

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