Adoption can be a beautiful choice, but international adoption has changed quite a bit in recent years. In this article, we will explore the international adoption process, the changes that have come about in recent years, and major events that have affected international adoption. You can click here to get help from an adoption professional now.

International Adoption Process

The international adoption process is similar to other forms of adoption but can be longer and more complicated than other forms of adoption.

Similar to other forms of adoption, international adoption requires research, an adoption agency for support, a home study, approval, matching, and placement of a child.

In addition, international adoption requires the following:

  • The immigration legal process
  • Travel to and from a country, sometimes multiple times, sometimes for longer stays
  • Adherence to international adoption regulations and processes (see Hague Adoption Convention)

Unpredictability of International Adoption

Adopting internationally can be more unpredictable because of the process of adoption and the inherent additional complications of navigating the laws and regulations of multiple countries.

If adopting an infant is your goal, this can be an especially unpredictable process. While it does happen sometimes, international infant adoption is less common than adopting a child at an older age, and because international adoption can take years, even if you start the process of adopting an infant, the process may not be completed until the child is older.

International Adoption Fraud

While the number of fraudulent international adoptions is relatively low, there has been prominent news coverage of international adoption fraud that has changed the landscape of international adoption.

Fraud is, unfortunately, a possibility with international adoption, so finding a reputable international adoption agency is important to protect you and the children involved in your adoption.

Choosing an agency that has a longstanding relationship with a specific community can decrease the risk involved and make sure that your agency follows the Hague Adoption Convention. An adoption agency like Family Connections Christian Adoptions can help you find an international adoption opportunity.

International Adoptions and Ethics Challenges

Adoption agencies internationally have also faced criticism about the ethics of international adoption. One prominent reason is that international adoption makes open adoption difficult or impossible, and a child may be separated from his or her heritage and history.

International adoption requires extra care for families to make certain that international adoptees maintain ties to any remaining biological family or family history that may be important in the adoptee’s life.

This criticism has helped modern adoption professionals improve the international adoption process and equip adoptive families with more knowledge so that international adoptions are more ethical than ever before.

Adoption and International Relations

As we mentioned earlier, international adoption is complicated by the roles of multiple governments. If international relations sour between countries, that can mean disruption for your adoption plan.

One prominent example of this is adoptions in Russia. Since the war with Ukraine began, adoption from Russia to the United States is not possible in the ways it used to be, given the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Some countries may also choose to stop letting non-citizens adopt, as China has done in recent years.

The Pandemic and International Adoption Disruptions

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated some of the pre-existing complications of international adoption and halted adoptions for many countries. Some pending adoptions were disrupted, delayed by years, and in some cases they were unable to be completed due to travel bans.

Since the pandemic, international adoption rates have not returned to pre-pandemic levels.

International Adoption Cost

The cost of international adoption depends on many factors, including your adoption agency, the country you are adopting from, travel costs, and the length of time it takes to complete the adoption.

Finding the Best International Adoption Agencies

Finding a great international adoption agency means asking questions about what you are looking for and finding specialists who can help you complete your dreams of adoption. This can mean finding an international adoption agency that already has connections with a great international adoption lawyer.

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