How to Find Teenage Adoption Agencies [A Guide]

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy as a teenager and are reading this guide, you most likely have determined that adoption is right for your situation.

But, you may still need information about how to find teenage adoption agencies.

It’s important to understand that any adoption agency can help a teenager place their baby for adoption. However, you do have adoption agency choices.

If you are ready to speak to an adoption specialist about your needs, you can contact us today for free information. But, if you’re not ready to talk to someone and want to find out more about your teen adoption agency options, continue reading.

How the Teenage Adoption Process Works

You’ve found out you’re unexpectedly pregnant; it’s important to know that you have choices and are in control of your body. No person (your parents, the birth father, etc.) or organization should ever tell you what to do with your body or your baby.

So, make sure you feel supported and heard when you conclude that adoption is right for you and your baby.

Aspects of Teenage Adoption

If you’re wondering where to get help for teenage pregnancy, an adoption agency is one of the best places to turn to. All teen adoption agencies – local, regional, and national – can help teens learn more about adoption and how their adoption choice impacts their future relationship with their child.

All teenage adoption agencies can help provide teens with:

  • Financial assistance
  • Legal representation
  • Medical care
  • Counseling

Trained counselors can help teens work through the adoption process and provide unbiased unplanned pregnancy advice.

A counselor also can help you determine the support system that will help you through your pregnancy.

  • Will your mom and dad allow you to stay in your home safely?
  • Who in your life will be a positive influence throughout your pregnancy?
  • Who can you safely rely on during this time?
  • Do you need to find alternative housing?
  • Is the baby’s birth father harming you?

All these questions may feel really personal, but answering them will help your counselor determine the help you need to keep you and your baby safe.

If you’re ready to talk to a teenage adoption agency today, here are a few places to start:

How to Find Teenage Adoption Agencies

Although all teen adoption agencies work with teenage prospective birth mothers, national adoption agencies typically have more resources.

National adoption agencies for teens may be better able to help you find:

  • Alternative housing (if needed)
  • Financial assistance
  • 24-hour counseling

Working with an Adoption Specialist

After you call an adoption agency, you’ll start to work with an adoption specialist. Your specialist will help you create your adoption plan. A typical adoption plan includes the following information:

  • Adoptive family preference: You will determine the type of hopeful adoptive family that’s right for your baby. You and your adoption specialist will list the prospective adoptive family qualities you value. Then, your adoption specialist will send you adoptive family profiles to browse. After browsing family profiles, you can choose the hopeful adoptive family that stands out to you.
  • Birth plan: Your birth plan will include where you want to give birth and who you want in the delivery room. You may choose your parents, a close friend, or the adoptive family.
  • Adoption type: You can choose to have an open, semi-open, or closed adoption.
  • Post-placement plans: This will include the type of communication you want to have with your baby and the adoptive family. It also will include the frequency everyone has contact.
  • And more: Your adoption plan will detail all aspects of your adoption. Tell your adoption specialist everything you need.

Remember: You and you alone are in charge of your adoption plan. Your adoption specialist will ensure your adoption plan is followed and that your rights are protected throughout your pregnancy.

Teenage Adoption Types

All teenage adoption agencies allow prospective teen moms to choose the type of adoption they want.

There are three types of adoptions prospective birth mothers can choose from:

Aspects of Open Adoption

Open adoption is when a prospective birth mom and the adoptive family have each other’s identifying information and maintain open contact. Types of open communication include:

  • Photo exchanges
  • Letter exchanges
  • Phone calls
  • Video calls
  • Texts
  • In-person visits

You get to determine the frequency of this contact.

Aspects of Closed Adoption

A closed adoption is when a prospective birth mother and the adoptive family do not have each other’s identifying information and have zero contact. You may determine that this type of adoption is right for you if you want to keep your pregnancy private. It’s also a good choice if you think having a relationship with your child will be too difficult.

Although you can always choose this type of adoption if you think it’s best for you, many prospective birth moms at least choose a semi-open adoption so they can receive updates about their child. 

Aspects of Semi-Open Adoption

If neither of these options feels quite right, then you could choose a semi-open adoption. This happens when a prospective birth mom and the adoptive family do not have each other’s identifying information, but do maintain mediated contact.

Your adoption specialist can help mediate calls or visits or receive photos and letters from the adoptive family to give to you at a later time.

Some call semi-open adoption “the best of both worlds” because it allows you to see your child grow up, and you still get to maintain your privacy.

Next Steps

If you’re worried, “where can a pregnant teenager go for help,” the answer is teenage adoption agencies.

A teen adoption agency can make sure:

  • You get unbiased guidance about your unplanned pregnancy.
  • You get all the help you need. This could be safe housing, adoption counseling, financial assistance, and more.
  • You make the adoption plan you want.
  • You choose your baby’s adoptive family.
  • You choose the adoption type.

The following teenage adoption agencies can help you achieve all of the above:

If you’re ready to speak to an adoption specialist today, you can contact us right now.

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