Adoption in Providence [Complete Guide for Expectant Mothers]

The uncertainty and stress of an unplanned pregnancy can make it difficult to know what your next steps should be.

What resources are available to you at this time? And how can you make things better?

 If you are considering “giving up” your baby for adoption in Providence, you will have the support of adoption professionals.

A professional from an adoption agency in Providence can offer you the empathy and information that you need to make this difficult decision. They will help you to sort through your unplanned pregnancy options, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and help you to discern the right path for you.

Whether you are sure that you want to pursue adoption in Providence or you still have questions, reach out for assistance today. Adoption professionals can guide you through this challenging journey.

Giving Your Baby Up for Adoption in Providence [The Adoption Process]

There are many benefits when you choose adoption, but to understand them, you must first understand the process of adoption in Providence. First, you need to know that the adoption process is centered around what you need, and you will be able to make all of the most important decisions when you choose private domestic adoption.

You will choose an adoption agency and contact an adoption professional to begin the process. Then, they will guide you through these six basic steps of a Providence adoption:

Step 1: Decide that adoption is right for you.

How can you know that adoption is right for you?

It might be helpful to speak with an unplanned pregnancy counselor. These professionals will give you the information you need and help you make the best choice for your life

You should know that the decision to “give up” your baby for adoption in Providence allows you to:

  • Choose the people who will adopt your baby
  • Continue a loving relationship with your child
  • Aspire to the same goals you had before your pregnancy

Step 2: Create an adoption plan.

Choosing to pursue Providence adoption means that you will get to partner with an adoption specialist to develop an adoption plan. An adoption plan outlines your preferences and needs at each stage of the adoption process. It will guide both your adoption specialist and your chosen adoptive family throughout your adoption journey.

Adoption plans often include:

  • A description of characteristics you want in an adoptive family for your child
  • Your communication preferences with adoptive parents
  • A hospital plan that includes your needs during delivery and post-birth interactions
  • The kind of post-adoption agreement you want: open, semi-open or closed.

Step 3: Select the perfect family for your child.

In a Providence adoption, you can choose the couple who will adopt and raise your child.

Of all the choices that you get to make during this process, this could be the most important. Certainly, it will impact the life of your child in meaningful ways, and you will oversee this process.

Here’s how it will work:

  • You will describe your ideal family in your adoption plan.
  • Your adoption specialist will gather a list of families that match your description.
  • You will take the time you need to review family profiles.
  • You will communicate with your adoption specialist if you want more family profiles or when a family sticks out to you who you would like to meet.
  • When you have a family you’d like to meet, your adoption specialist will facilitate a phone conversation.
  • In your own time, you will choose the perfect family for your child.

Step 4: Begin communication with your chosen adoptive family

Once you choose the perfect family for your child, you might be inclined to immediately begin a relationship. Especially if you are wanting an open adoption in Providence, this might feel right because your connection with this family will be ongoing. However, if you need less frequent contact or none at all, that is your prerogative.

Whatever communication and interaction you need during this time is what you will have. This is completely up to you.

Common modes of communication between birth mother and adoptive family include:

  • Pictures and letters
  • Emails and text messages
  • Phone calls and video calls
  • In-person visits

Step 5: Deliver your baby and sign the final adoption paperwork.

You will choose how you want your hospital experience to go with the details that in your hospital plan. This document will communicate to your entire support team – adoption specialist, healthcare providers, and adoptive family – what you need during this sensitive time.

In this document, you will outline things like:

  • Who you would like in the delivery room with you
  • Whether you want time with your baby after delivery
  • When your adoptive family can meet the baby 

In many states, birth mothers sign final adoption paperwork in the hospital. In a Providence adoption, you will not sign this paperwork until 15 days after you deliver your baby. These signatures indicate your voluntary consent to the transfer of parental rights.

Step 6: Continue a relationship with your child and their adoptive family.

The adjustment period after “giving up” your baby for adoption in Providence can be accompanied by feelings of grief and loss. This is normal. However, there are resources to help you during this time.

Some places you can turn to for support are:

Another place that birth mothers find some comfort is in their post-adoption contact agreement. Whether you have established an open, semi-open, or closed adoption relationship with your baby’s adoptive parents, just knowing what to expect can help ease anxieties.

Providence Adoption Agencies

These six steps are the basics of adoption in Providence, but before you can start your adoption process, you will need to choose a private domestic adoption agency to facilitate your adoption.

Not all adoption agencies are the same, but every agency should make you feel listened to, respected, and in charge of the adoption process.

Additionally, any adoption agency in Providence should offer these basic services for free:

One way to distinguish private domestic adoption agencies in Providence is to recognize that there are two major types: national and local.

National adoption agencies provide you with a wider network of families hoping to adopt. This means that instead of a handful of family profiles that you would be given at a local adoption agency in Providence, you will likely be given dozens or even hundreds.

Some national agencies that serve the Providence area are:

Some local agencies that serve the Providence area are:

Finding an Adoptive Family in Providence

Your vision for your child’s future is vital to the process of finding an adoptive family in Providence. Your dreams for your baby are essential because they are likely the reason you chose Providence adoption to begin with. When you choose to “give up” a baby for adoption in Providence, the decision about who will adopt and raise your baby is yours to make.

Your adoption specialist will work on your behalf with the resources they have to find the perfect adoptive couple for your baby, and their search will be guided by your description of an ideal adoptive family. They will provide you with family profiles that match your guidelines, support you emotionally as you review them, and facilitate any communication you want to have with potential adoptive families.

Your choice will make a difference in your child’s life, and only you can decide what is best for your baby.

Getting Adoption Financial Assistance in Providence

The decision to “give up” a baby for adoption in Providence might be influenced by finances. While it is not always the biggest concern, it does often come into play.

Your questions about the financial benefits of adoption are completely valid. There are three such benefits covered below.

First, you should be aware that adoption is the least expensive unplanned pregnancy option:

Second, you should know that you will receive adoption financial assistance during a Providence adoption:

  • Adoption agency services will cost you nothing.
  • Pregnancy-related medical expenses will be covered.
  • Legal representation and counsel will be provided without cost.

Finally, many women are also eligible for Providence adoption financial assistance that can cover:

  • Rent and utilities
  • Groceries
  • Phone services
  • Transportation
  • Counseling
  • Childcare

If you would like to know more about the financial assistance that you might qualify for, reach out to a Providence adoption professional. They will be able to tell you more about what you can expect to receive in your region and in your circumstances.

What’s Next for Your Unplanned Pregnancy?

If you remember only one thing from this, remember that you are not alone. There are adoption professionals who are equipped to help move forward into your next steps. Contact a professional today to begin developing your adoption plan and taking the brave step toward “giving up” your baby for adoption in Providence.

Other ways you can prepare for your Providence adoption are:

If you are still trying to decide whether adoption in Providence is the right path for you, you can keep reading about unplanned pregnancy choices available in Providence. An unplanned pregnancy counselor can offer you expert support and guidance. If in doubt, reach out. Adoption professionals will prioritize you, listen to you, and help you to regain control during this uncertain time.

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