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How to Put a Baby Up For Adoption

Are you wondering what the process is for putting a child up for adoption? You may have already begun to research adoption and feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available. This guide is an outline if you decide to give your baby up for adoption. This will be different for every woman and the adoption specialist you contact will help you make a more detailed plan that fits your needs and your pregnancy.

Open or Closed Adoption, Pros and Cons

You are considering the difficult yet selfless decision to place your child for adoption, and you need to decide which relationship to have with your child and the adoptive parents long-term: open, semi-open or closed. There is no right or wrong adoption relationship – the correct one is the relationship that works best for all parties involved, but especially for your child.


How to Put a Baby Up for Adoption

Should I put my baby up for adoption?

How to Put a Baby up for Adoption

Open vs. Closed Adoption

Birthfather Legal Rights — What You Need to Know

I want to give my baby up for adoption