Who Can I Talk to About Adoption?

Many women decide to first talk to someone outside of their circle of family and friends about their pregnancy and their thoughts of giving up the baby for adoption. They feel much more comfortable speaking with someone who has an outside perspective and is not emotionally connected to the woman, the child or the family. Many women just need someone to listen to them as they work through their decision to give up their baby for adoption.

You can contact a:

•    Adoption specialist at a licensed adoption agency
•    OB/GYN specialist
•    Counselor
•    Hospital Social Worker
•    Organization that provides Options Counseling

When contacting an agency or person to discuss your unplanned pregnancy, you should never have to sign a legally binding agreement to go through with the adoption. Make sure that the person or organization is knowledgeable about all of your options and that their main goal is to help you come to a decision that is best for you and your child.

All adoption agencies should offer to provide free counseling to you, but you should not be forced to attend. The person you choose to talk to should be easily accessible by phone. Also, you should make sure that the adoption agency is licensed and that their agency is in good-standing.

If you are still wondering if you should put your baby up for adoption, please read our Considering Adoption Questions. You can also contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION, or begin looking through adoptive family profiles here.

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